The Impression of My Peace Journey

by Lam, Vietnam

My first impression was the hot temperature in Thailand. I wrote a note on facebook titled “ Early Summer Experience of Blue” means that I greeted  summer sooner than my friends in Vietnam.

My second impression was spicy food. Most of us kept crying during the first meal…And we had fish every meal ^^.
I bought chilly in Thai supermarket and decided to learn how to cook Thai soup when I have spare time during coming summer.

It’s the first time I met with a lot of friends from many different countries for such many days. I felt happy and cheerful when having friends around. You’re very friendly, enthusiastic, energetic especially you all have beautiful souls cos’ we all want peace and hate fighting- for- nothing war.

In-house training gave me  a great deal of knowledge about how to build inner peace. Peace is not an abstract word. It’s something close to us. And the most important thing is that peace needs to be nurtured inside our hearts first before we want to change others. Your friends, your colleagues, your family members will feel the peacefulness radiating from your action, your attitude and your smiles whenever they’re with you and gradually their hearts will be softened ^^. You’re really trying hard to set examples for others( how a peaceful minded person looks like?). It’s very difficult but it’s somewhat root solution of war. Do you think so, dear?

I use deep listening everyday in my family and I feel more relaxed when discussing with my parents.

We have experienced 10 days together and now we’re friends in future. I’m proud that I have friends in Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar. For a person who loves travelling and studing cullture of different regions like me, this journey is a great chance to start my interest. Thank you so much for including me in this trip. It’s seem that I haven’t contributed much to the journey curriculumn because I am somewhat like a daydreamer who doesn’t have enough understanding about reality ^^. During reflection, others talked about facts and fighting problems and I talked about Sisaket sky and the beauty of Preah Vihear…I found myself off the track.

Fortunately, after listening to others I gained facts about what was going on near the border and when my friends asked me about the journey I told them what I’ve learnt from 10 days. I feel happy that I help them to understand more.

A week after the journey, I still keep missing all of you and want to have more time together to chat, discuss.

Building peace is a long long journey and even I couldn’t join you now in current time, I will be by your sides someday in future for peace building effort in Sub Mekong region.


About mekongpeacejourney

We are the Mekong Working for Peace, consisting of young adult peacemakers of the Mekong Region.
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One Response to The Impression of My Peace Journey

  1. Yen Phung says:

    This is a nice story and this makes me want to join this trip so bad. Can you share your experience in your latest trip this July? I would like to know about it. Thanks a lot.

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