Story from Mekong Peace Journey

By Khamsa Homsombath
Lao Peace Worker

This trip is a good opportunity for me to learn and share ideas with other youth from many countries in Mekong region. It was the first time for me; however I did not have any concerns. I felt that everybody respected and cared for each other and wanted to learn from and share ideas with each other. I was proud that I could share and tell about peace work in Laos to people from other countries.

For 10 days in the journey, I gained many methods and skills for solving conflicts and building peace from many resource persons in Mekong region. I gained an understanding of the viewpoints about conflict from each country and we also had activities in the field learning about the border conflict between Thailand and Cambodia. Besides that we have learned from each other about cultures, languages, food, style of living and I have many new friends among the Mekong region.

Now my attitude, habits, behavior and perception about peace have changed. I am more open minded because of the house training
I had learning about deep listening or listening by head, heart and mind from Dr. Parichart Suwanbubbha, a resource person from Mahidol University’s Research Center. After hearing the voices for the governor and community people from both sides of a real problem, I can understand the concerns of each side and the situation better. I thought and learned about how to solve the problem by forgiveness and talking together in deep listening and open minded ways. I am also more interested in and care a lot more about peace-building than I did before this trip.

I think this project is important for me and other people in Mekong region because it helps people know other problems, history and cultures. It also helps people share ideas with each other about how to solve problems when they happen and to know how to have an open mind and not judge other people without knowing them.

In the future, I will apply my knowledge from the trip to improve myself to become a peaceful person. Then I want to draw on the lessons, skills and some experiences from the journey to train the young generation in Laos, to teach children in the schools and help Mittapab’s work to build peace.


About mekongpeacejourney

We are the Mekong Working for Peace, consisting of young adult peacemakers of the Mekong Region.
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2 Responses to Story from Mekong Peace Journey

  1. Keo Leny says:

    I hope I can join.

  2. mint2710 says:

    MPJ Is now opening for application this year, 2012. Don’t miss it and join with us!

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