To Build Trust and Inner Peace Among Us

Sitting by the window through which I staring at the slim rain,

Memory goes back to the cultural show,

in the journey of regional training on peace building.

At a very close distance,

a group of peace builders are achieving their mission by gorgeous smiling and dances.

Don’t cry those who are suffering in the conflict,

We, civilian ambassador, are approaching you.

We will never let you down,

We will never let you cry.

In the vein, the blood granted by Mekong mother connected with our hearts,

Burma, Cambodia, China, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam,

We are brothers and sisters,

We are the pioneers to build trust and inner peace,

and the world will live as one.

Apu, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Menglun,Yunnan.
There is no journey that I have taken that compares with the joy (July 11-27, 2011) that I know is our lives together.


About mekongpeacejourney

We are the Mekong Working for Peace, consisting of young adult peacemakers of the Mekong Region.
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