We Are Walking for Peace

On 5 May 2012, Dhammayietra “Peace Walk” had been organized in the day of Vesak at Koh Kong province, Cambodia, in Tepnimit pagoda by Working Group for Peace (WGP) in Cambodia in cooperation with Thai Volunteer Service Foundation (TVS) in Thailand. There was more than 200 participants came from different place, background, nationality (Thai and Cambodia) and different religion consisting of Buddhism, Muslim, and Christianity walking and practicing meditation together in the purpose of mobilizing peace and propaganda peace message in Mekong region and the world, especially to reconcile people to people of Thailand and Cambodia to live together in harmony even we are in different religion, nationality. They all were walking calmly, happily and peacefully with strong passion for peace building.

Young people in Dhammayietra “Peace Walk” with peaceful walking

Muslim and Buddhist walking for peace together: Thai Muslim participant said that “it is the most important and amazing event. I am so happy that I have opportunity to join this walking with Buddhists and other religion although something is hard for me to be flexible but I am so happy to join for the sake of peace.”

Participants practicing meditation

Participants practicing meditation


About young peace messenger

Volunteer for myself, for you and the world for Peace
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