The experience from MPJ training 2011

by CHHEANG Rithy, Cambodian participant

Along the whole Mekong Peace Journey from 12-27 July 2011, I have learnt many things from very different friend in the sixes Mekong countries. All precious things attracted my emotion and were kept in my mind. Actually, at the first that I heard the information of the training, I was excited and attractive to my heart to join, but meanwhile I also felt a little bit scared with my English knowledge.  Anyway, I belief myself and I decided with strongly hope that I could learnt and gained lesson learnt of peace concept to apply in my daily life. Moreover it was my first time to join with many friends across the border. During and after I joined in the Journey, I could catch up many things from friends in diversities and similarities of culture in Myanmar, Lao, Thailand, Vietnam, China and my friend in Cambodia. Indeed, I enjoyed time of noticing, listening, sharing, talking and discussing on what we concern with all participants even if I was not a talkative man, and I could see much perception.

We all Mekong Youth Stay together, Learn together, Eat together and have the Journey together

In addition, beside I learnt the significant lesson as the theories from facilitator such as pluralism, root cause of conflict, and solution,  I adored perceiving all activities from each participant and facilitators in purpose of build my capacity to be more confident either the presentation, facilitation, talking or communication. From my observation, I could learnt many valuable things of people’s react and activities such as the way of learning, powerful presentation and speech as well, etc.  And I noticed that it was my value time to learn and observe from the training which was different from the way of studying at university. It did make sense most of the lessons combining the theories and reflective activities, particularly community visit in both side Cambodia and Thailand to see the real situation and listen directly from citizen’s voice which is the evident base for conflict resolution. Actually, most of Cambodia people have bad perception to all Thai people in their mind-set including me, but after the whole process of learning, I understand that all people in each country over the world is absolutely existed bad and good. And I recognize that all people have their own nationalism for the country is good, but the serious thing is that they have the extremely nationalism which lead to make conflict in country and regional country. All things that the people want is good, Aspiration something is good, but the way they do to get it is completely badMoreover I really interested in RST Thai and Cambodia friend who worked hard and smile all time to me, and the way of facilitation inspiring me to participate. And I appreciate the generous smile from others like Burmese, Laos, and China in opening heart to share knowledge, feeling, and their concern in society. Additionally, after the training has been finished, I could find myself with many changes of my thinking and behavior. Actually, I have started to learnt and live together with different ethnic group from six countries, especially Thai people while our both countries being conflict. I have transformed my perception on Thai people with better feeling because it was the best way get peace among Cambodian-Thai having mutual understanding by meeting and living together. I trained myself to be more patient and meditative and try to figure out on how to live together peacefully with different culture among Mekong countries.

Not just only talking but we also listen to others voice

In short, with the whole process of peace journey, I excited and satisfied with the Mekong Peace Journey and Training allowing me to be one of participants from six countries in purpose of learning, and living together to accomplish peace building among Mekong countries, especially Thailand and Cambodia. I do not know how much I can contribute this knowledge to people around me, but one thing that I can say is that I feel confident to train myself and apply it in my daily life even though I cannot change the other but I am be able to change myself first. Thank!!

Lighting together for Peace in Our Mekong Region

Love and Peaceful for ALL!                            


About young peace messenger

Volunteer for myself, for you and the world for Peace
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