To live, To coexist in the World Difference

The experience from MPJ 2011

by Molika, Cambodia

Mekong Peace Journey July 2011, I was surprising to see an application form that sent by my Inter-faith Peace of Cambodia Manager. The purpose of this journey was to promote peace’s harmony between youths along Mekong Countries. It reflected to my thought about Mekong Country’s images that composed of 6 countries: Cambodia, China, Lao, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. I thought about many countries’ interaction outside the border between those countries, the integration among cultures, economics, politics and educations in the future. Wow…, how wonderful they are!!!!!                                               What? Really? Why? Where? Who? When? How? “Regional Integration Possible!” a 5WH and R’s questions flashed from my heart and knocked my head. The Introduction of Association South-East Asia Nations, Understand Political Systems in Fives Major’ ASEAN Nations, Political Economy, United Nations System, International Organizations, Theory of International Relations, Comparative Political Systems, Contemporary of Political Systems, and my senior paper’s  Racial Discrimination Against Ethnic Groups in Cambodia courses that made me scared about a massively of violence in the future which could cause of economic scarcity because of indirect control from foreign direct investments, balance of powers between China and Japan, and culture socked across countries. The conflict between Cambodia and Thailand, recently, border and temple issues made me awake and doubted about state’s obligations vs. citizen wills.                                                                                                 Beside of doubtful and unbelievable things I have heard of, I decided to apply for this journey and I passed. During this journey, there were some points that surprised and amazed me. It held along border’s Thailand and Khmer and totally consisted of 27 people who came from difference countries as Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam at Surin, Thailand and Oudor Meanchey Province on 11-28 July, 2011.

Along the ways going to Mekong Peace Journey

Departure day: July 11, 2011: In the early morning around 6:30 AM, I was running to the van station that was not far from my home at Phsar Kandal Market. Due to I booked a van for Cambodia’s group to Siem Reap before reaching the Oudor Meanchey. The van and I went to pick up our colleagues at 7:00 AM at CLEC office on 11 July, 2011 but one of our colleagues was late and we waited him until 8:00 AM

Because of him, we didn’t have breakfast until 10:30 AM in Kampong Thom.

Then at 12:30 PM, we arrived at Siem Reap and had lunch again at a small restaurant along Siem Reap Lake. It was so funny for us because we just had breakfast at 11:00 AM.

Welcome to Oudor Meanchey Province!

It was not so far from Siem Reap at 3:00 PM; my group arrived at Oudor Meachey Province and dropped some of our packages at Grand Pa’s house named Kouy and we were continuing our journey to the border between Khmer and Thai in order to reach our destination in Thailand on time.

Around 4:00 PM, We arrived at Osmarch Boarder of Khmer and Thais. We were filling a form that I had never done before, even though; I have been there for several times.

“100 Baht for each visitor to pass Thai border”

I was wondering, “is it a ticket’s fee for get into Thailand or because we are Khmer” I was afraid of my security in Thailand and I wanted to come back home! But thankful to our committee’s Pon that was immediately intervention.


Welcome to Thailand! 

At 5:30 PM, we arrived at Houy Saneing, Surin Province, Thailand, and I met my roommates. I shared a room with Tum from Thailand and Thanh from Vietnam. They were so cute and lovely to me. We always shared our mutual understanding and waked up each other in every morning.

At 8:00 PM after dinner, in order to know more about each other, Cambodian team led a game to know our participants named and their favorites. It took almost 2hours for us to remember all their names, favorites, positions, and countries. However, it was so excited to know people or friends that come from different   countries.

  ^__^    To Read this Full Interesting Article of the Amazing Journey, please see in :    Molika Reflection on Mekong Peace Journey 2011


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