We are not on the Way to Peace but On the Peace Way by Walking together

“Active participation from public even children in march for peace”

On 21st September, 2012, Working Group for Peace (WGP) which is the Volunteer Peace Builder group in Cambodia under co-funding supported by AFSC, Danmision, CRS, CLEC, YRDP, ACT, PBO, CYN, KCD, CPCS, CINA Travel, SK, DKA, WPM, took its role to organize the annual event of International Day of Peace in eight province/ city of Kampong Cham, Kampong Speu, Kampong Chhnang, Siem Reap, Battambang, Banteay Meanchey, and Preah Vihear province and Phnom Penh capital city. The event was organized in the purpose of rising awareness of people in Peace building to get one global ceasefire (Stop-Shooting) in community, country and the world among people to people and people to state. We believe it will rise up the ideal of peace in both people and state even in a small step but it will make the change in difference of the real Non-violence world.

“The event had strong cooperation with authority to enable the smooth march”

“Flying balloon with the peace message: ‘Sustainable Peace for sustainable Future’ ”

Within the above 7 provinces, the International Day of Peace had been accomplished successful in Siem Reap province starting at the same time on 21st September with the common approach by marching for peace escorting with the Peace Message, what the International Day of Peace means, why we need to celebrate it. The message also mentioned that Peace cannot achieve and make only today but we need to practice it every day from now on in group and individual. Moreover, the most effective thing is that we were worry about participants but when the day of event in the morning we got more and more participants from 234 registered and up to almost 300 persons such as monks, students, authority, and other local people older and younger. The march was started from Kesararam pagoda across Siem Reap’s river and came back to the park in front of Preah Domnak. Along the road, our marching had influenced to the mass to draw their attention to what we were doing. The event is very effective to rise up their awareness on peace building getting to know how to build peace and keep it which we do not do it only one day but every year and keep it in spirit in daily life.

Ms. Emma, the Director of CPCS, said in her office after the event that “I hate this event, The International Day of Peace and such walking or marching for peace as I think that we cannot get peace just only one day with the march, what about the rest of these days? But right here and right now, I have changed my thought toward the marching on the International Day of Peace. It is very important and effective to influence to people’s mind commemorating in Peace building.

At the last, even we did not finish our event smoothly but we do appreciate all participants had come to join our event in last minute which we did not expect to get so many participant around 300 people. This is the symbol of awareness of people in peace building with strong commitment participation listening to the Peace Statement under the rain. We strongly hope this concept will be deeply rooted in their mind on peace practice.

If you really Love it, please come to join us on this way and go together in harmony.


About young peace messenger

Volunteer for myself, for you and the world for Peace
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